Nowa Nowa Iron Project (Gippsland Iron Pty Ltd)

The Nowa Nowa Iron Project in east Gippsland, approximately 50km east of Bairnsdale and 7km north of the Nowa Nowa township, has the potential to be Victoria’s only iron ore mine. 

This project is held by Gippsland Iron Pty Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastern Iron Limited.  Previous exploration activity undertaken by Eastern Iron has delineated a potential resource of approximately 10 million tonnes of iron ore mineralisation. Eastern Iron has completed a feasibility study which indicates the potential for development of a mining operation and  is finalising logistic solutions.

The feasibility study indicated ore could be mined at approximately 1 million tonnes per annum from an open pit mining operation at the Five Mile deposit. It is anticipated that the open pit mine would cover an area of around 25 Ha with an operating life of at least 7 years.

The transport solutions for the mining project are still undergoing optimisation but if built it will produce up to 1 million tonnes of ore each year and directly employ approximately 50 people, injecting  millions of dollars into the regional economy over 10 years. The Company will seek to employ workers and contractors from the local region, supporting the local economy, while respecting the traditional landholders and protecting the environment. Many processes and planning approvals need to be resolved before any definitive timeframes can be provided. The current studies are designed to address many of these issues with a decision to mine yet to be made.

Eastern Iron will implement rigorous environmental planning and management during the initial exploration phase and any future construction, mining and production phases. The project will be required to meet stringent State and Federal Government environmental investigations and requirements..Over the last two years, Eastern Iron has invested more than $2 million investigating the potential for iron ore export from the Five Mile deposit. Eastern Iron invited local residents to engage with them as part of the planning process for a proposed iron ore mine at Nowa Nowa in a series of community consultation opportunities in Nowa Nowa, Orbost and Lakes Entrance.  Additional Public consultation and information initiative will be taken later in the process when more definitive information is available about the project.

The company office is at:

Gippsland Iron Pty Ltd
Level 1, 80 Chandos Street
St Leonards, NSW, 2065

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Should Eastern Iron decide to proceed with development of the project and the Government approve the proposal the Company will seek expressions of interest from individuals concerning employment and from potential service providers. These will be advertised in local papers at the appropriate time.

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