Eastern Iron believes that a strong relationship with local communities is an important part of establishing a sustainable exploration and mining business. As part of Eastern Iron’s community engagement and social corporate responsibility program, the Company strives to ensure the local communities surrounding our projects are both informed and consulted on the Company’s operational activities in a timely, accurate and relevant manner.

For information on the Company’s operational and corporate activities, Eastern Iron provides regular updates on the Company’s website. Eastern Iron encourages communities, individuals and special interest groups to ask questions, provide comments and make suggestions that will help to shape a mutually beneficial future.

Eastern Iron welcomes inquiries relating to any facets of the Company’s operations and can send information to local community representatives should it be required. For regular email updates on the Company’s activities, please subscribe to our email alerts subscription list.

To ensure Eastern Iron sufficiently engages with the local communities surrounding its key project areas, the Company has adopted a local supplier policy whereby we give preference to hiring and sourcing equipment and services locally. As Eastern Iron’s operations grow, the Company also expects to continue providing increasing employment and other opportunities that will support the local economies in the region. As part of the Company’s overall objectives, Eastern Iron remains steadfast in supporting the region economically and socially to ensure its continuing vibrancy.

Eastern Iron fosters good working relationships with government departments, from local council to federal government, and aims to be transparent at all times. Logistics solutions for the Nowa Nowa project are still subject to optimisation studies. Eastern Iron will adhere to all government and environmental approvals and regulations before commencing a mining operation.


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